Harris Law Office, PLLC

The Lawyer you can swear by, not at.

Sherie Johnston is from Mandan, and is lucky enough to also have a home in Florida. Sherie was in the graduating class of '72 at Mandan High.  Her father, a teacher, inspired her to further her education. She earned associate degrees in Business Administration and Legal Secretary.  Sherie has a range of experience including working for a local law firm as a legal secretary.  She went back to school and earned her Bachelor's degree in Paralegal Studies in 2015.  Sherie was most recently employed as a clerk at the North Dakota Supreme Court. 

Sherie’s practice here, at Harris Law, includes drafting documents, preparing court filings, and working closely with clients to help them navigate the process of Criminal and Family law.

Sherie thrives on being organized and creating precedents and systems to streamline the process. She also enjoys being able to help others. The variety and complexity of the work keeps Sherie engaged and interested.

Outside of work, Sherie enjoys gardening, painting, reading, and walking her dog, Bentley.