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Criminal Defense

We know that good people can find themselves in bad situations. We want to help those good people get back on the right path and avoid any further stress in their lives. If you are facing a criminal charge, your life is at stake and we don't take that lightly. We are zealous advocates for our client's rights. Harris Law Office prides itself on supporting our clients with hard work, hands–on service, and open communication. We are committed to going the extra distance to defend your rights and ensure your peace of mind. We are here to help you and your family throughout a difficult and stressful process with the best possible result. We have handled thousands of cases ranging from the smallest crimes up to AA Felonies. 


Family Law

We understand the overwhelming emotions our clients experience while dealing with a family crisis. Navigating the legal process by yourself or with a disengaged attorney can lead to mistakes and decisions you might later regret. We’re conscientious about our duty to manage your legal affairs and to relieve you of the stress of dealing with the court system. Our office takes care of the logistics of: filing the paperwork, setting court dates and meeting deadlines. But it’s not just the process that matters; it’s seeing that you and your family are protected. We can be your advocates, so you can concentrate on caring for yourself and your family. We are a small office, so we can offer very personalized service to our clients. It is our privilege to serve our clients and see them through what are inevitably difficult times. 



Mediation is a process that is being recognized and embraced in many areas, but none more significantly than the difficult process of getting divorced. In many ways, the mediation process is tailor-made for helping couples work through the challenges involved in separating their lives.

Rather than leaving your fate to a total stranger (judge) that has very little time to spend on your case, you can choose to be actively involved in deciding how to address almost every aspect of your divorce. Rather than preparing for and focusing on an adversarial legal battle that destroys relationships (with your former partner and potentially with your children) and drains both your bank account and your mental health, you can engage in a constructive process where you have the opportunity to present your needs and priorities and have them addressed. And rather than having the court tell you when you can see your children, you can arrange a schedule that is not only based on the realities of your life, but that can also allow for some flexibility based on the positive co-parenting relationship that is much more likely in a mediated divorce.


*DISCLAIMER* Harris Law Office treats each client's needs as important and unique. Accordingly, information on this website should not be construed as legal advice or be understood to create an attorney-client relationship.  

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